The Wise Edge

TheWiseEdge is all about asking the right set of questions to the right people. The philosophy of the TheWiseEdge is to explore diversity and not be confined in any format and evolve as a Knowledge Repository.



Episode 1 | Piyush Ghosh

34min | Education, Journalism

Episode 2 | Saumya Kulshreshtha – Part 1

19min | Education

Episode 2 |Saumya Kulshreshtha – Part 2

31min | Education

Episode 3 | Saahil Aggrawal

33min | Education

ED Podcasts

Our latest podcasts for knowledge on the go.

We bring you conversations around science & technology that are changing the world.

The Advent of Blockchain

by Navin Dutta | Season 1 - Episode 01

Data and its implications for the world

by Ankit & Navin Dutta | Season 1 - Episode 02

The Designer's Journey

by Sarthak Verma | Season 1


What is Totara?

03min 27sec | EdTech, LMS, ELearning

What is Instructional Design

04min 50sec | Design, Pedagogy, Information

What is Wise Edge?

03min 06sec | EdTech, Podcast, Technology

Off the Top – Technology as a tool

08min 28sec | Technology, Human Behaviour, Culture

About Us

The Wise Edge

The Wise Edge is a business and mindset-focused interview show that would be a repository of interviews, presentations, and discussions with the wise gurus from a wide range of fields.

The Wise Edge intends to ask the right questions demystifying some of the cliches, and become one of the leading sources to wisely curated actionable hacks. We believe that people explore the world in their own ways and any smart person finds his cookie in the jar. The Wise Edge is a platform to host these guests who want to share a piece of their cookie with the world.

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